Since 1985, we are conducting a Distance Education Course in Kannada for the employees of the Government of Karnataka, who do not know Kannada. So far, 12103 registrants have got the benefit of the course material.

By learning Kannada through this course, it is possible for the learner to learn:

Listening: Comprehend the conversation, discussion, radio news bulletins, and public speeches given in normal speed in Kannada.

Speaking: Speak with ease in Kannada in official circles about the routine administrative matters, conduct or participate in official discussions, and speak with ease in Kannada regarding personal needs.

Reading: Read printed, typed, and hand written materials in Kannada relating to routine administrative matters, matters of public Interest, and newspapers with appropriate speed and comprehension.

Writing: Write short paragraphs with connected sentences, write short notes on administrative matters, and draft short official communications in Kannada.The instructional materials include lessons for learning Kannada script, lessons for spoken Kannada, lessons for developing reading and writing skills, and lessons for use of Kannada in administration.

These skill and function-oriented lessons are learner-centered, and are prepared on the basis of an assessment of language needs of the government employees to perform various duties in Kannada. The dialogues are available in two C-90 Cassettes. In due course, these audio materials will also be available in this website.

Now, we offer these learning materials in the Internet to fill the long-felt need for such scientifically prepared Kannada learning materials in the Internet. Please note that these materials are basically meant for distance education via surface mail, but are now presented here for online learning. We plan to enrich and update these lessons every month.

You can send your comments and suggestions to us.


Script Lessons
Reading and writing
Administrative Kannada
Response Sheets
Other Kannada e-books







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